Teutonic Ka-Who?

Hi there,

I’m Teutonic Kaboom…but my real name is Charlotte 🙂

I make dirty, garish, boistrous, grotty, noisy music very much influenced by electro (REAL electro…not ‘electro house’) techno, breaks, dubstep and industrial.

I was bought up in Shrewsbury.  There’s not much to do there when you’re a youngster.

My friends would put on parties disguised as ‘Valentine’s Dances’ and we would party the night away listening to Detroit techno and breaks.  When I was old enough my friends and I would travel to Birmingham to attend the legendary Atomic Jam at the even more legendary Q Club…I got my hands on some decks…and the rest is history.  Playing in Shropshire led to me playing in Manchester where my friends organised parties, and the fire spreads.

For the past 3 years my cohorts Rupert, Simon, Joel and I have been running a clubnight called Electrode, which we have taken all over the city of Manchester and beyond.

What started as a weekly Thursday night rinseout at a bar on Oxford Rd (formerly Zumebar, now Odder) graduated to become a monthly raveup in The Attic above Oxford Rd station for over two years.  Wanting to stretch our legs, we Troders then started promoting random warehouse parties, events under the Palace Hotel, daytime rave tents at Peace in the Park in Sheffield, and hosting the back room for both Dubclub in Shrewsbury, and the UK’s BEST techno night; Atomic Jam in Birmingham.

Being part of Electrode has helped to promote the sound of UK Bass music, booking artists like Smashback, Mazzulla, Verr, Squire of Gothos, Paul Blackford, Synapse, Cursor Miner, Kanji Kinetic, Stormfield, Lief Ryan, Cynthia Stern, Warlock, Tim Wright, and No Yeah No (just to name a few)  the platform to unleash their ‘orrible bass music to the Manchester underground.

I’ve been producing music since 2002, and I’ve since released music on DIgital Distortions, Bun-E, Audio Aubergine, Data-Trace, Bass Gun

You can listen to my stuff here…



Ooh, yes and…please buy my tracks here 🙂

Juno Download


DJ Download



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