A great night was had by all, as per usual!  The HMV Institute is the perfect substitute for the Que club as far as i’m concerned – still got yer balconies and confusing room layout for the rat-arsed people.

Al Tourettes, Mazulla and Glover all smashed it in the back room!

Here was my effort, hope you enjoy!  Comment away…


martin kemp – wot u got
hypno – go shorty
teutonic kaboom – blarb
mad-tek – the dark age (teutonic kaboom rmx)
jimmy edgar – one twenty detail
model 500 – OFI
mr de – y2k bug
anthony rother – synthetic
egyptrixx – shade on
dynamixx II – floorida
girl unit – IRL
ion driver – bbRobot (teutonic kaboom rmx)
ramadanman – werk dem
dj godfather – one time on the mic
addison groove – footcrab
dj urban – work this MF
smashback – push me harder (TK re-edit)
squire of gothos – dark thing


~ by teutonickaboom on December 14, 2010.

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