One of the great things about the internet is that users can download content; remix it, rework it and repost it as an entirely new thing altogether. The internet is user-content crazy, and this is an amazing thing! To think, that something YOU created can be ripped off YouTube or Myspace, rehashed and parodied and sampled and reworked by people you have never met!

Kutiman is a producer who created a number of excellent tracks by seeking out random YouTube clips and mixing them together. He couples synthesiser demos with talkbox practice sessions, string quartets with bedroom vocalists and guitar tutorials…it’s truly awesome.

If you are anything like me and my friends, you will have spent a few hours huddled around a toasty-warm computer screen showing off your favourite YouTube clips in turn, amazed at the untapped genius and creativity out there.

One of the more comedy examples of the internet remix is the Drum n Bass ‘enthusiast’ (read: Chav) by the name of Beefy:


Some clever people remixed this video, and it’s one of my favourite YouTube clips. Especially the bit where we see Taz (another Chav) dropping some spectacular freestylin’ madskillz.

Beefy Pendulum VIP

So the question is, who owns the rights to this video?
Is it the subject, Beefy? Is it the production company who filmed the piece?
Do Pendulum get any royalties, because it’s their song being used? What about the people who did the video remix?

It’s a grey area, but it’s one that the Creative Commons License has tried to deal with.

The Creative Commons is a license that basically says, “Some Rights Reserved” instead of “All Rights Reserved”. It means that people can use the content, you don’t have to ask permission, but you should be considerate and site the original post or website it came from. It encourages people to get involved and get creative, and enables people to choose and tailor their own copyright terms.

In the age we live in this seems like a fairer way of dealing with the issue of copyright…especially since the notion of copyright began in the age of the printed product, not the intangible remix/mashup age of information we currently live in.

Personally, I WANT people to view my content, remix it, and repost it. It’s all exposure! And it’s collaboration, which is a GOOD thing. Being connected with randoms over time and space is very excited. Oh my, we’re living in the future.

Finally, as we’re talking about Creative Commons stuff, and exposure, here’s a link to the Audio Aubergine website.
This little netlabel releases electronica for all under CC license. Download and enjoy!


(P.S I’m on Audio Aubergine 40)


~ by teutonickaboom on October 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “REMIX THE INTERNET”

  1. hey charlotte check out my new blog

  2. Yes, completely agree. It is a really cool thing the amount of stuff you can access now a days through internet and how different works are remixed. This enhances peoples creativity and pushes creativity boundaries as well as being a form of getting to be known and joining people to work together.
    If the content is out there, why not use it as longs as is with respect? so the “some rights reserve” sounds fair. Anyway, with time the best way to deal with this will be sorted.

  3. I completely agree, it’s gotta be a good thing. Democratizing ideas and concepts!

    If someone takes your art and does something wank with it, chances are no one will pay it much attention, but if someone takes something you’ve done and goes off into a cool new direction with it, then yeah! that’s groovy and, like you say, collaborative.

    The only time I can see it being a problem is people just ripping stuff off and passing it off as their own, but the majority who are genuinely interested in progressing ideas and adding something new shouldn’t be punished for the actions of the lazy few…

    You postin that Kutiman sort of reminded me of this:

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