I played at Club Eskulap with Beni in Poland on the 16th October. Wicked people, great place, LOTS of vodka.

As I was there for the weekend I thought I’d pop over to Berlin for the day to go raving at the Berghein Kantina where Cynthia Stern was playing, say ‘Hello’ to Bill Youngman and friends, drink more, flake out then go back to Poland. Oh yeah, then get in trouble with the Polish police at the airport… That bit wasn’t so good…


~ by teutonickaboom on October 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “THE VODKA DIARIES”

  1. wooo, i’m in the local what’s on guide too! well sorta, my photo anyway. international photographer extraordinaire, when you’re proper famous i’ll expect to be part of your official entourage.

  2. you go girl

    jet setter superstar DJ

    im going to Berlin in JANUARY

  3. yeah was great seeing you in Berlin hombre. What happened with the coppers in Poland?

  4. Poland does look awesome.. I work with lots of polish people, and they all know how to party… HARD!

    Good luck with th DJ’in… where next?

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