In response to the PSVT post Three Strikes and You’re Out!

Peter Mandelson recently spoke about the repercussions pirates will have to face. Being banned from the internet! It’s a big punishment in this day and age.
But who exactly will be punished, and how will they police it? How much is too much illegal downloading? Is this legislation just turning average musiclovers into criminals?

Artists like Lily Allen and Take That have fronted and supported “It’s Not Alright”, a blog started by Lily that plans to tackle the piracy issue.
Although, looking at the rather empty Blog I’m not sure how successful this will be!

I can understand where these big artists are coming from; fewer sales means fewer bucks in their paypackets…oh yes, and the intermediaries who run the music industry are rendered superfluous…but isn’t it time to rethink this issue?

Artists often only see a tiny fraction of each unit sale, so I wouldn’t have thought they’d be too bothered about people sharing their music seeing as more exposure means more fans which surely means more gig ticket sales, and therefore more merch sales?
Surely gigs maketh more dough – is it just that these artists are being a bit lazy and can’t be bothered to tour?

I’ve often thought about where I stand on the issue of illegal downloading…
As someone who releases music, you might expect me to be against illegal downloads. But I’m not.
In fact, I’d be ecstatic if I saw my latest release on Rapidshare or The Pirate Bay. It would mean loads of exposure for me, and I’d truly be flattered. But I’m a newbie. I make tunes because I love it; and I’m lucky enough that other people like it and want to release it. I’ll get a bit of cash here and there for royalties, but I’m not too bothered about that. I just want to play at parties, travel about, meet people and make some noise.

With file sharing, more people are exposed to more music. This article from the Independant suggests that people who illegally download music actually spend more on buying music anyway! It makes sense… You download a free track from the Hype Machine, decide you like the artist, then go to the itunes store or 3-dimensional (!) record store on your high street and purchase the whole album.

So, Lily…don’t get you knickers in a twist.


~ by teutonickaboom on October 26, 2009.

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