If you’ve bought a train ticket on your mobile, or been to a gig recently you may have come across these crazy patterns. I think we’ll be seeing these a lot in the future. QR codes are similar to bar codes, but they can hold more information, such as a website address, text or pictures. The code acts as a pictoral hyperlink, if you will.

It might just be because I was bought up in the 80’s, and have a deep love of pixellated graphics, but I really like the way these QR codes look.

As do these guys, who are combining the pixel art from the arcade games of yore with yarn-bombing fashion. Future-retro. Please may I have one?


Anyone with a smartphone can scan these codes using their camera, and the code will automatically bring up the information stored within the monocrome pixel mash. Try it on this one, using a code-reader application 😉


Hehe, now try this…


Is it my imagination, or can I actually see a smiley face in that one?


~ by teutonickaboom on October 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “QR CODES”

  1. barcode fashion? expect to see me sporting it in milan in approximately 6-8 working days. i might become a mute and communicate only through QR codes. A mute model who’s only garments and form of communication is an evolved barcode.

    watch this space.

    fuckity bye

  2. Interesting codes you have there… The prospects for this technology may be huge…

  3. i can see the face as well!

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