New Mix – 300413

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Mariel Ito – DX-TZ
HaHaHa & Mia Dora – Far
Amando Gallop & Steve Poindexter – Black Holes
Ingen – Lusher
Gesaffelstein- Conspiracy Origins (The Hacker remix)
Blackmass Plastics – Silicon Based Life
Unspecified Enemies – Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit
Joey Beltram – Instant
Patscan – Spit Shine
DJ Funk – Big Ol Booty
Gesloten Crikel – Yamagic



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I made this mix for ScanOne‘s The Lost Tapes radio show on what seems to be the now defunct illfm!, but I can’t find the link for the radio show download so i thought i’d finally share with everyone 🙂


boddika – you tell me
unknown to the unknown – mystery dragon
anstam – albert
meat axe  – two whiffs and you’re greedy
fiedel – doors to manual
blawan – lavender
dj funk – big ol booty
steffi – in my room
cex – megamuse (duran duran duran remix)
signal path experiments – SP1 B2
teutonic kaboom – thundereal
tobias von hofsten – i love my 808
jimmy edgar – my beats
blawan – getting me down
cex – trumpetflower (wascal remix)
antipop consortium – ghostlands (LFO remix)
addison groove – footcrab VIP


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Digital Distortions just uploaded a new Brawlcast podcast mixed by Spookhouse, and it’s a really nice deep and trippy one. Also features Ion Driver‘s remix of my very own Schadenfreude track. Was nice to hear it after so long 🙂

to stream and download the mix, follow the link below!


Gus Gus – Within You (Veiran Dubdrop) [Kompakt]
Si Begg – Come Correct [Noodles]
KiloWatts – Snakewinds (Alland Byallo Slither mix) [Thoughtless]
The Sound Republic – Pimp (Jason Hodges Remix) [Guesthouse]
Lifecycle – The Magic Word [Ricochet]
Teutonic Kaboom – Schadenfreude (Ion Driver Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Asset – Peak limiter (Ion Driver Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Eomac – Take You Up [Takeover]
T-Polar – Trap Dancer [Digital Distortions]
Dub Alley – No Money [Rottun]
Mad-Tek – The Dark Age (Ion Driver Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Jason Sparks – Gangsters (Si Begg Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Stormfield – Haiku (Ed Chamberlain Remix) [Combat Recordings]
Ion Driver – Hang In There [Ricochet]
Andy Kohlmann & Rene Bourgeois – Chaplin’s Swagger [Supdub]
Tipper – Multiplexus [Tippermusic]


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Hello all.  Ooh it feels like i haven’t  written on here for quite some time.   All work and no wob…

This here is a remix i’ve done for my swedish pals BAND BEFORE TIME.

It’s an electro love song, i feel.  Heavy vocoder action 🙂


hope you enjoy… robo homo love.


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Check out the latest 140 Podcast, curated by my friend and fellow Open Plan resident: NODE

Features a mix by me, and also more lovely technoid bass contortions from Node himself.  Also there be some tasty archives to plow through, so get stuck in! 🙂

Here’s the link>>>


Teutonic Kaboom

1. Anstam – Brom
2. Objekt – Tinderbox
3. Boxcutter – Brood
4. Skream – Rollin kicks
5. Carsten Jost – a certain kind
6. Ikonika – Video delays
7. Planetary Assault Systems – x speaks to x (Al tourettes & Appleblim rmx) 8. Jimmy edgar – Hot raw sex (instra:mental rmx)
9. Icicle – Anything
10. Subeena – Picture
11. Scan one – Sub prime
12. Andrea Parker – Nintendo love (Scanone rmx)


1. Pearson Sound – Higher
2. Ital Tek – Babel
3. Tipper – Reality Harshness Defender
4. Kingdom – Bust Broke
5. Koreless – MTI
6. Gravious – Lodestone
7. Relocate – Origins
8. Jamie Grind – Without You
9. Cosmin TRG – Seperat
10. Instra:mental – When I Dip
11. Pearson Sound vs Hardrive – Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Edit)
12. Midland – Play The Game (Dexter Remix)


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After quite a hibernation period, musically, i’ve decided to get back into it.

I’ve been at Uni, which meant that music wasn’t really a priority for a while, and my room was simply not arranged in a way that was conducive to music making.  However…

This has changed 🙂

Uni is over (i got a first!)

And now i have all my equipment laid out in front of me.  The time has come to stop fannying about and start making the ‘Live Set’ i should have done so bloody long ago.

I’m clearing out my hard drive, i’ve installed Ableton 8, and i’m starting afresh.


Here’s my first offering…


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